Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws Videos

Rails 4 contains lots of updates to the web framework and these free videos from Code School should get you up to speed in no time. Take a look, and if you want additional practice using these features you can find a bunch of in-browser challenges over on Code School's official Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws course.

Warning: These videos will only make sense if you already know Rails. If you're looking for an introduction head over to Rails for Zombies.

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  1. ActiveRecord Finders

  2. ActiveModel

  3. Giddy Up

  4. Active[Record|Model]

  5. Filters, Session, Custom Flash Types

  6. Views and Vistas

  7. Test Your Mettle

  8. ETags

  9. Dalli & Cache-Digests

  10. Streaming: The Express Pony